Yoga for Recovery and Fitness 

Yoga is a beneficial form of exercise. There are many different forms or styles of yoga. Although many forms of yoga are very good for developing fitness, strength, balance, and flexibility, some forms of yoga are less useful for recovering an already injured body. Some styles of yoga incorporate repetitive poses that put stress on the shoulders, which while fine for healthy shoulders, is detrimental to injured shoulders. If you have an active yoga practice and have an injury, please let your instructor know before taking a class. Adaptations should be made to prevent further injury. In-person instruction by an expert instructor, as opposed to online yoga classes, can give you corrections required to ensure your safe practice. He or she can help you avoid mistakes which may cause further injury. If you feel any exercise may exacerbate your injury, don’t do it.

Doing yoga in a warm environment (95 - 108 degrees F)(as opposed to a normal temperature room) warms up your body, enhances your flexibility, and reduces your chance of injury. Although there are many forms of “hot yoga”, Bikram yoga is a fixed series of poses that was designed to be accessible to beginners and people with injuries, yet still be challenging for advanced practitioners of yoga.

In the Annapolis area, Bikram yoga classes are available at the following locations.

Yoga Factory Annapolis and Crofton

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