Clear Professional Expert

Dr. Mulvaney has an uncanny ability to personally connect with me, communicate and convey his diagnosis of my injury, in terms that I fully understood. His treatment protocol is cutting edge and execution of his craft sets him apart from his peers. As a leader in his field I would recommend him to everyone I know that is suffering from a sports injury. 

Chriss Smith – Co-Owner Trident Crossfit

Top of His Field

Dr. Mulvaney is the top of his field both in practice/application and research. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive successful interventions through his care, and to attend a training lecture to improve the way coaches work with clients who have old and new injuries. His knowledge is matched by his caring personality that sets patients and learners at ease, improving outcomes of all types.

Rachel B. 

Resolved severe back pain

I had bone marrow stem cell injections into 2 lower disks – Dr Mulvaney carefully and thoroughly diagnosed the injury and provided options. I am 2 1/2 months post procedure and back to moderate exercise. Prior I could barely exercise due to severe back pain and also had sexual dysfunction – which has completely resolved itself and then some! I tell everyone I know to see Dr Mulvaney – he is simply the BEST

Sarah F.P.

Best doctor I have ever seen

“Dr. Mulvaney is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. Thanks to his innovative and effective treatments I am able to continue to perform at a high level as an athlete at the age of 46. After bone marrow aspirate concentrate my knee feels better than it ever has, despite multiple surgeries 30 years ago and a lot of wear and tear.”

Andrea S. (5 time Masters World Champion Olympic Lifter)

Trauma occurs on the home front as well…

“…Mostly the spouses go unnoticed and untreated. We suffer in silence. And most divorce. PTSD often looks like depression….I didn’t think I would ever be “ok” again. Dr. Sean Mulvaney changed that with 4 simple shots. The Stellate Ganglion Block blocks the main nerve that controls the “fight or flight” response in the sympathetic nervous system. I only regret that I did not know this sooner…I urge all those suffering to reach out for treatment because being “ok” is just around the corner.”

Madison B.

March 2021

Medal of Honor Recipient 

Dakota Meyer

SGB for PTSI – Firefighter Success Story

Kevin and Carrie

I highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney to all my friends

AS A FITNESS PROFESSIONAL it is crucial I maintain my body at its optimal level. Years of training have left a considerable amount of wear and tear on my joints, ligaments and tendons. The treatments I have received from Dr. Sean Mulvaney enable me to continue teaching yoga and fitness on a daily basis. He is bar none the most caring and attentive physician I have ever met. Dr. Mulvaney always takes time to explain the treatments, before and during the procedure, as well as appropriate after care. I have had over a dozen treatments over the last 3 years, including PRP, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and Lipogems to successfully heal injuries ranging from partially torn Achilles, ACL and meniscus injuries, torn rotator cuff, tendinitis, arthritis and a torn labrum. I am grateful for all his help, as it allows me to continue doing what I love to do. I highly recommend Dr. Sean Mulvaney to all my friends and fitness clients, and I will continue to seek out his treatment whenever I need them in the future.

Saved my quality of life..

“Dr. Mulvaney has saved my quality of life. I have been looking for answers and results for over 20 years, and he has given me a new lease on a pain free life! From the first visit he made me feel comfortable, truly listened to my issues, gave a clear and understandable direction for treatment, and the results have chanced my life for the better. I would recommend Dr. Mulvaney to anyone and everyone suffering with chronic pain!

Grateful for seeing Dr. Mulvaney

I had my bilateral knee replacements done several years ago, having each of them done almost a year apart. Over the last few months, one of my knees became increasingly painful. It began gradually but, once it hit, it hit hard. It was very painful to walk. I was limping and doing the stairs in our home became a dreaded daily task. I saw Dr. Mulvaney who did neuroplasty on my knee to break up the scar tissue that had formed from surgery and what a difference! I could do my stairs the same day-without pain! After about 3 days, I noticed that I now have no pain. I’m SO grateful! He’s explains the procedure & talks you through it. His bedside manner is wonderful.

Kim C. March 2021

Impact of Trauma Can Hit Both

“The level of care and compassion Dr. Mulvaney has for all his patient’s individual well-being surpassed any of my expectations. I (and my husband) had the opportunity to have the Right and Left SGB injection and the results and impact were immediate to my overall health and mental well-being. Dr. Mulvaney explained thoroughly everything about the procedure before and during the actual injection. His bed side manner is top-notch, personable and professional. He really cares, which is important to me while dealing with such difficult and delicate hardships in life. His hard work and research with the SGB Injection has changed mine and my husband’s life forever. We are so grateful. Thank you Dr. Mulvaney!”

Brittany L. March 2021

Haven’t Felt This Good in Ages

“I received an SGB from Dr. Mulvaney for PTSD. It was the easiest medical procedure I’ve ever experienced. He was very informative and talked me through each step of the process. I felt safe and comfortable and had a good understanding of what to expect through out the procedure. I can’t believe this isn’t being talked about more. I seriously haven’t felt this good in ages.”

Bobby C.

Saving Forgotten Warriors

“Since December 26th 2019 I have had the pleasure of sending veterans struggling with PTS up here to see Dr. Mulvaney and is amazing staff. to date we have brought 54 veterans in and have left with 54 service members that can now live the life they deserve. Being able to work with Dr. M and his staff to get these men/women the relief has been so much more then I could have ever expected. I personally lived with the effects of PTS for over 15 years and never thought I could feel like this again. I thought all hope was lost, I was wrong and am blessed to have discovered this treatment and have plans to bring all I can for as long as I can! Thank you for all you do!”

Jeremy Hogan

LOVE the shirt, but it won’t be needed anymore…

A recent SGB wiped out 10 years of crushing PTSI symptoms.

“I found myself just putting my arm around my wife and smiling, and that simple realization brought me to tears”.

Jimmy F.

“The most professional medical experience I’ve encountered.

— Kenneth H. 3 Dec 2020

“Dr. Mulvaney and his team at ROSM/Annapolis are exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and supportive with detailed personal care. My PRP procedure was noninvasive and effortless. The treatment then allowed my body to heal itself. It’s really quite amazing! I could not be more pleased with the procedure and service provided. Thank you!

— Paige H. March 2021

“Sean, I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you for a week or so now. I’ve been able to ease back into running after the treatment! My runs are not long, only a few miles, nor fast but I am able to run to without knee pain for the first time since March 2018. My energy and mood are also getting better as a result. I’m not in a hurry to push this and pick up where I left off but the fact that I can do it is great, Thank you…

— Constantine P. March 2020

“I train BJJ and had a very bad muscular back injury that kept me out of the game for nearly a year. After 9 months of physical therapy that was not fixing the problem I was beginning to lose hope. I had a recommendation to see Dr. Mulvaney from a military friend and after 3 Prolotherapy treatments my back is back to 100%. I have since sent several friends to be treated for various sports injuries and we all agree that there is no other place like this. Thank You!

— David N. 15 Sep 2020

“Dr. Mulvaney is an excellent physician who truly cares about healing his patients. My experience with cervical (neck) prolotherapy was amazing, as he treated my whole neck as one big structure. Before seeing him I was experiencing ~2 headaches per week. Now, I usually don’t even have one per month. Highly recommend him!

— Deepak M March 2021

“I know you’re thinking “she must be kidding..” I’m not. Super serious. I had recently been diagnosed with (hypermobile) Ehlers Danlos Syndrome—had a soccer injury to my knee in college that was unknowingly caused by it too. That injury led to 3 knee surgeries, and after a ton of muscle atrophy, I was limping constantly. My knee cap was no longer tracking right due to my stretched ligaments and nothing seemed to help! ENTER ROSM & PROLOTHERAPY! I can walk, I can run, I can hike! I feel like I have a new knee! Thank you Dr, Mulvaney!!!

— Kelley P. 20Jun 2020

“I had 10/10 neck pain and now I have no pain period. I thought I would be stuck with it for maybe the rest of my life but Prolotherapy knocked it right out of the park and now I have no pain period.

— A.W. 30 Nov 2020

“I came to Dr. Mulvaney with painful, swollen knees. The pain in my knees kept me from sleeping at night. am an athlete; running, cross-training and hiking. Dr. Mulvaney recommended prolotherapy. After completing the 3 prolotherapy treatments, I feel 100%. I sleep the whole night. My knees are not swollen and don’t hurt. I’m ready to resume my full workouts, without limitations. The whole ROSM Team is Exceptional. Dr. Mulvaney and Kamisha treated me like Family. Kim was Spectacular as well getting me scheduled for treatments exactly when I needed them. I am very Grateful to The ROSM Team. On my last visit, I got to meet Sarah, she is Exceptional as well. If you’re having musculoskeletal challenges, Get on down here….Now!

— Kathy D. 24 Nov 2020

“After talking to Dr. Mulvaney, underwent PRP treatment. Figured it was least invasive and if it didn’t work, still had the traditional options available. Within six weeks of the procedure I was back to running and have no pain in the knee. I highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney and his team to anyone experiencing pain and looking for options.

— Cp C 23 Nov 2020

“I had a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis which my previous provider wanted to do surgery on. After extensive physical therapy, my physical therapist had suggested trying the PRP procedure before going ahead with the surgery. The therapist had told me that many of her patients had had good results with Dr. Mulvaney as well as one of the therapists. I was skeptical but made an appointment for a consultation. I’m so glad I did. I decided to go forward with the PRP procedure and my foot is so much better. I have almost no pain anymore and I am able to resume life again. Before having surgery, it is well worth the time to have a consultation with Dr. Mulvaney! As an added plus, the office staff are very nice and welcoming.

— Cindy H. 9 Nov 2020

“Dr Mulvaney is fantastic. He is a great listener and takes the time to explain everything about the procedure before during and after. If you have any doubt’s about seeing him, forget them! You will not regret it!

— Dominic V. 10 Oct 2020

“My hip has never felt better. I am so thankful that Dr. Mulvaney got to the root cause of my pain. I love sharing with others this incredible treatment!!!

— Noel M. 6 Oct 2020

“I made great progress and was able to avoid a knee replacement . had one on other knee and didn’t want another one

— Bill S. 6 Oct 2020

“I’ve lived 3 years in pain in my knees. Couldn’t walk or go up or down stairs without incredible pain. Dr Mulvaney is amazing! I have seen so many specialist and he immediately figured out the problem and addressed it. I’m now running up and down stairs like a teenager. I can’t thank him enough! It’s magical to return to a pain-free life!

— Jeff M. 29 Sep 2020

“When I first came to Dr. Mulvaney, I was using a walker or a cane. I injured my knee and had surgery on it. The surgery did damage to my knee. I was in bad shape, unable to do minimal daily chores around the house or care for myself. Dr. Mulvaney prescribed a series of shots, PRP, over a period of three months. I saw great improvement in my mobility and quality of life. We, Dr. Mulvaney and myself, decided to do one more PRP shot and after 7 weeks my quality of life has tremendously. I am able to walk my dog, ride a stationary bike, clean the house, and care for myself with little pain. I believe over time this I will see more improvement. I came in hopeless and am in such a better place thanks to the path he paved for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Mulvaney. He listened, made a plan, and executed it with awesome results.

— Jill S. 4 Sep 2020

“The best experience I have ever had in my life with a care provide. Dr. Mulvaney is a gifted, talented and caring doctor. I feel so thankful to have found him. If you are suffering, please do this for yourself. You deserve this and he can help you.

— Sgh S. 1 Sep 2020

“I have had neck pain for years and then headaches began. My earlier experience with cortisone was not a good one. Dr Mulvaney was the first physician to offer an alternative approach that I felt comfortable with. Treatments were very exact, he can see exactly where the needle is going which reassured me. Recovery was simple and easy and I am feeling and sleeping so much better than before prolotherapy. Cannot say enough about the personnel and the care in this office. Before doing anything drastic, cutting, it is worth your while to visit Dr Mulvaney.

— Patricia S. 26 Aug 2020

“Dr. Mulvaney was excellent in explaining the Lipogerms process. My experience with Dr. Mulvaney and his staff was very positive. Everyone was helpful and responsive. I am impressed with my results and the care I received.

— A.F.

“I was referred to Dr Mulvaney from a therapist for pain and nerve issues in my shoulder and neck. I was unfamiliar with the Prolotherapy suggested by Dr Mulvaney, but his plan of action eliminated the pain and returned the sensation to my hand and arm in the time frame we discussed. Very happy to chose this therapy over surgical alternatives.

— Roy F. 6 Jul 2020

“Wonderful experience. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon my shoulder tear was inoperable. I had lipogems done and it worked.

“I’m 60 years old and have lead and want to continue to have an active life. I have been struggling with back issues for years and more recently shoulder problems. I have seen multiple pain management people, with mixed results.
Dr. Mulvaney stopped by my business recently and said, “if you are tired of living in pain come see me”. So I did. Dr. M did some evaluations and some scans, and then proposed a series of treatments. We still have some work to do, but after two sessions my shoulders are feeling better, and I’m starting to see some positive changes in my back.
Dr. Mulvaney is an active and avid athlete himself and understands my personal goals to remain active and more importantly pain free. If you have tried traditional pain management without success, I highly recommend that you visit Dr. Mulvaney.

— Mark B Jan 2020

“Alternative to surgery great experience great results, GREAT Cured My rotator cuff tear, completly, back to playing tennis

— L.M.

“I had a wonderful meeting with Dr. Mulvaney he was kind, knowledgeable, patient and professional he and his staff have me on a treatment plan that will prayerfully restore my quality of life!
I am looking forward to continuing to working with him toward healing.

— Tiffany M. Feb 2020