Proper recovery and physical therapy are an essential part of repairing an injury and returning to pain free activity. There are no short-cuts for this phase of recovery. Remember: good procedure + good rehabilitation = good outcome. However, good procedure + sub-optimal rehabilitation = sub-optimal outcome. These protocols have been developed with experienced doctors of physical therapy specifically for post minimally invasive sports medicine rehabilitation treatments. (Note: these protocols are routinely updated)

Achilles and Plantar Fascia Rehabilitation Protocol

Ankle Rehabilitation Protocol

Cervical Spine (Neck) Rehabilitation Protocol

Elbow Rehabilitation Protocol

Hip Rehabilitation Protocol

Hip Labrum Rehabilitation Protocol

Knee Rehabilitation Protocol

Lumbar Spine (Low Back) Rehabilitation Protocol

Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocol

Shoulder (post labrum repair) Rehabilitation Protocol


Continuing to exercise during your recovery from injury is critical for your physical and mental health, however, it needs to be done in a fashion that facilitates, not impedes, your healing and return to full activity.

The guiding principles for cross-training around your injury during your recovery include: 1) avoid specific activities that caused you pain before your treatment until you are fully recovered, 2) as you progress, proceed gradually and test each new movement or exercise. For example, if your knee injury has recovered enough to walk for exercise, start by walking a quarter of a mile every other day. If after a two or three sessions your knee feels ok, increase to a half of a mile every other day. Once your are up to two miles a day of fast walking, if your goal is to return to running, start with a quarter of mile easy jog and gradually build distance and then speed, resting every other day. If at any time you feel the injury site having anything other than normal workout soreness, significantly reduce your distance and intensity. Remember, even after the best treatments or surgeries, significant injuries still take 3 – 4 months for initial healing to occur. Treated injuries continue to remodel and heal over the next 9 months to a year.

Cross-training For Upper Body Injuries

Cross-training For Lower Body Injuries

Cross-training For Spine Injuries

Yoga for Recovery and Fitness

Pilates for Recovery and Fitness